Greetings from Mike and Ruth Zangara

Mike and I extend a heartfelt thanks and warm greeting as we approach the end of 2017. In our 5 year adventure in Montana and at Shelterbelt Pheasant and Gun Club we had such a wonderful time meeting and greeting friends, guests, hunters and their canine companions. We also enjoyed the time to come to different ranches and meet game bird customers and all participants with the UGBEP for the State of Montana. We experienced a real pride in watching our pheasant and chukar chicks mature from day-old chicks into the birds that flew into their new environment as we released them on ranches around the state. By the way, the photo above is two of our birds on their release last year near Colstrip, MT!!

As many of you are aware from our earlier posting on Facebook or from personal contact with us this hunting season, 2017 has been a whirlwind year of change!! We experienced significant growth with at Shelterbelt Ranch and Gun Club last season, and just as our season was coming to a close and we began planning and scheduling chicks and work at the ranch for this year’s season, we experienced a succession of events involving our ranch, employment and family that brought about unforeseen and major changes to our life. Ultimately, this has resulted in a relocation to Southern California and the sale of our home, property and game bird facility in Montana.

Although none of this was in “our plan”, we have recognized God’s sovereignty in so many areas during this transition. As stated in our previous greeting in August, we considered what it would require for us to keep and maintain Shelterbelt Ranch and Gun Club when not there full time, and during the initial move, we suspended all game bird activities at Shelterbelt Ranch and Gun Club for the 2017/2018 season.

We compiled a photo presentation and posted the property on Zillow to see what response we would receive. We really hoped to find someone or actually a “family” that would be interested in taking the facility to the next level as a game bird farm, possibly expand the bird-dog kennel and training facility and continue to pursue and develop the private shooting preserve opportunity for game bird hunters in Southeast Montana.

To our amazement, actually, we received an offer on the property in early fall, and the family has indicated an interest to continue with the game bird and pheasant business. Although we do not know the extent of their activities, we are thankful to have someone that plans to continue using the facility that is there.

This fall has been challenging as we really enjoyed the experiences we had with each of you and most of all miss the comradery with hunters and all the dogs. We do believe that the property and community will be better served by providing someone else the opportunity to pursue with their family and pets!

Thanks again for the short time we were able to serve you at Shelterbelt Ranch and Gun Club. We would love to keep in touch with all who are interested as we consider many of you friends and have missed seeing you this season. If you ventured out for bird hunting this year, we trust you had a good hunt…Feel free to contact us on by email at or if you have some time while in Southern California.

We will keep this posted on Shelterbelt Ranch and Gun Club website for a short time as we phase out the website for the time being. We would love to hear from you and see photos of your ongoing dog and bird hunting adventures.

Have a Blessed Thankgiving and Christmas season with your families!!

Our Warmest Regards,
Mike & Ruth Zangara